Writers Retreat in Tufo 2020

WRiT Class of 2018

For ten days in Summer 2019–Friday June 7th to Monday the 17th–seven writers will fill Rosa di Tufo, in Southern Italy, for the third annual Writers Retreat in Tufo.

Writers can expect to work through the mornings, workshop their pieces in the afternoons, sit down to family dinners in the evenings, and generally make the best of the town and region in between. Some highlights from the past two retreats have included:

  • The Path of the Gods, a day-long hike along the Amalfi Coast
  • Tour and tasting at Cantine di Marzo, the birthplace of Tufo’s signature wine, Greco di Tufo
  • The Gardens of the Palace at Caserta, by bicycle
  • Capri, by boat
  • Santuario di Montevergine, the region’s highest point, by funicular
  • Enormous family dinners with the Lucianos (Tufo royalty, more or less)
  • Cooking lessons with Virginia Luciano
  • Pompeii
  • Positano
  • Karaoke and line dancing at Barcollo
  • The best pizza in the world in Naples.

Because I like to strike a balance between these kinds of things and actual writing, we won’t fit all of them in this June, but we’ll definitely hit some, and likely add to the list as well. There’s developing talk of some kind of sailboat situation.

(I’m Patrick, by the way.)

In any case, all activities are covered up-front in the program costs, as are your place in the house and the van, all the espresso and wine you could want, and the opportunity to workshop two pieces of writing. Workshops will be led by our 2019 author in residence, Nathan Alling Long. Click here for his bio.

Cost of the program is $1285. As mentioned, that’s pretty inclusive–last year I estimated writers wouldn’t need more than 100 euros for spending money for the ten days. I was right.

Oh! And I’m jazzed to be able to offer financial aid to one writer, based on need. Mention that need in your application and we’ll talk.

Applicants: email me a writing sample of no more than 3,000 words, a resume, and a short note providing some context: where are you in your writing pursuits? How do you feel like a writers retreat in a small town in Southern Italy will benefit those pursuits? How do you feel about pasta? Etc.

Address applications and inquiries to me at pjdmcn@gmail.com, and be sure to use ‘WRiT 2019’ for the subject line.

Last, I guess I want to encourage writers of all levels to apply. WRiTs of summers past have featured students, teachers, published novelists, amateur novelists, amateur travelers, a programmer, a midwife, a cartoonist–mostly part-time writers with day jobs, looking for an opportunity to take their craft more seriously.

See below for some of the things they had to say on their time in Tufo, with photos. Apply!


My pallet was actually full of these vivid images from which I drew upon for my fiction and poetry writing, and all of it connected to my experience of the place. So artistically, I think about the open spaces of the house and just moving about slowly and intentionally throughout the residency. –Jared Levy, 2017

Bloomsday 2018

I can’t emphasize this enough, the wild meaning that came because I had the chance to do one thing at one time everyday. Even the travel days, the ones where we went far away or saw something, I was able to be meaningfully present because I had been practicing meaningful presence to my work and to myself. –Dana Ray, 2017


Frankly, this place works magic—particularly the little desk by the ping-pong table. When I couldn’t figure out how a plot-problem would get resolved, I’d look out from the balcony and ask the horse or donkey, walk up a road and get a little lost, or use the pigeon activity on the roof as a way to activate my imagination. I think what I wrote here is pretty good. I know the space is extraordinary. –Simone Zelitch, 2018

WRiT Class of 2017
WRiT Class of 2017