Itinerary no. 2: Calabritto, Montella, Bagnoli

This tour leaves Tufo at 9am and returns by 6pm. In 158 km and about two and a half hours’ worth of driving you can visit Calabritto, Montella, and Bagnoli. Check out the Google Map below for directions, and feel free to click on the “more options” button to open it up in a new tab and take a closer look.   

The first stop, Calabritto, has an ancient medieval fortress castle at the foot of Mt. Cervialto.  This is the highest point in Irpinia.  The castle  is from the Norman times, and the ancient historical settlements, all constructed in stone, dominate the entire valley below, the Valley of Hunting.  Website here.

The Castle at Calabritto

Next we suggest checking out Montella. Montella is among the most interesting communities in Irpinia:  Rich in history, monuments, ancient churches and pristine nature.  The town is also famous also for its production of a Chestnut Liqueur, Castagne DOC. Check out the town website here.

Il Santuary del SS Salvatore, Montella

We suggest taking lunch at the “Fattoria Rosa Bella” (Tripadvisor page here), in Montella, which is situated directly in the Park of the Picentini Mountains, next to the cascades and rivers that come down from the mountain.

Last we have Bagnoli, an ancient mountain village, well maintained with original homes of the the nobles and an ancient tower all in Norman style design and architecture. Bagnoli is a must-see for tourists seeking silence, tranquillity and well being. The town’s production of  black truffles is famous throughout the world. Wikipedia page here.


Also, a few km from the village of Bagnoli is the Laceno Plateau, a ski resort with hotels and agritourism.  Site here.