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There’s a lot going on around Rosa di Tufo worth noting, like The Festival of Corpus Christi, pictured above. Every June the procession comes down the hill and pauses at the altar set up right in front of Rosa–all the houses in the Coddachio hang their best linens from their balconies, the way they used to when the princes came through town. The photo above was taken from our balcony.

Italian American Magazine published an essay titled Saving Rosa di Tufo in their Spring 2018 issue. Since the magazine is hard-copy only, they gave us permission to publish the essay in full, and you can see it here.

headlines tufo

Also, check out this article, focusing on Patrick and Donovan and what Rosa di Tufo means to them, published by the Italian online magazine, Orticalab, here! Can’t read Italian? Patrick went ahead and translated it all for you, with some help from google, here.

Irpinia Trekking offers super reasonable excursions through the surrounding countryside. Friend of the family Vito Rago can show you a side of Campania you won’t find on Google–he’s even offered to pick up guests from the house and plan personal tours. If you have the time you can read up on some of the more noteworthy things worth exploring in Campania on one of Vito’s tours.

WRiT class photo.png

For the last two weeks of June 2017 Rosa di Tufo opened its doors to four American writers for the first-ever Writers Retreat in Tufo, or WRiT. Meet the authors here, and click here for a reflection by Patrick, detailing the WRiT’s first year. The plan is to hold this retreat every summer.

jam don.jpg

Cousin to the writers residency is a jam series (!) that singer-songwriter Donovan Moore hosted in June and July 2017. Local musicians will be invited to play along with Rosa di Tufo guests. So if music is your thing, bring your instrument or just your listening ears and enjoy a unique collaboration of sounds and cultures. It’s worth adding that Donovan wrote his very first music at the house in Tufo six years ago–now his music is streamed all over the world–check him out on spotify!





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