Day Trips & Itineraries

Tufo is seated in the heart of Campania, the sunny, hilly region that makes up the shin of the boot of Italy. Some of the most colorful attractions in all of Italy are only an hour or so drive from Rosa di Tufo. Pictured above is photogenic Positano, famous for its Limoncello and tourists. Some other great day trips are listed below, and you can click here to check out some hand-picked itineraries that will take you to smaller towns and highlights of Campania outside of any tour book.

The Path of the Gods makes for a jaw-dropping hike along the Amalfi coast, dropping you off in picture-perfect Positano. Another easy route to Positano would be the ferry from Salerno, but the Path of the Gods is a pretty special hike, lasts about three hours, including the lunch break, and is pretty easy-going. Some of us did it in flip-flops!

The Palace of Caserta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the largest palaces in all of Europe. You can read up on it on Wikipedia here. Protip: bring cash for the bicycle rentals and you can ride them through the gardens.

Pompeii makes for a fascinating, sobering day trip. Walk among the ruins left by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 97 A.D., and ruminate on the preserved remains of its victims, cast forever in their tragic, final postures. (Bring lots of water, it gets hot!) Wikipedia page here.

Eat pizza in Naples! Naples offers all sort of draws–too many to list, but you can link to some of them here. Just know that Naples makes the best pizza margherita you’ll ever have.

The island of Capri makes for a great day of swimming and sunning. Rent a boat and pass through the eye of the Blue Grotto, take a lift up to the peak of Mt. Solaro and take in the Mediterranean. Check out this one day itinerary.

Tempio di Hera

The Temples at Paestum are a little bit farther to get to from Tufo–an hour and forty-five or so–but are absolutely worth the trip. There are three ancient Greek temples at Paestem–one for Hera, Athena and Poseidon, dating back to around 500 BC–and they’re better-preserved than most of what you’ll find in Greece. Wikipedia here.

And Irpinia itself, the green, mountainous place Tufo is tucked into, is not to miss. Some highlights we love are Montevirgine, at the top of which is an almost thousand year-old Monastery and Montefusco, mountaintop town and home to our favorite restaurants, De Teodoro. Check out Irpinia Trekking for some amazing hikes and tours provided by our friend, Vito Rago. (He speaks excellent English!)

ALSO! Rosa di Tufo is now partnering with Irpinia Trekking to offer full-day itineraries–hand-picked day trips planned to maximize your exposure to the land and culture surrounding Tufo, Irpinia and beyond. These destinations tend to be rich in beauty and culture and empty of tourists. We offer over ten itineraries, and would be more than happy to chat and help you determine which would best suit your idea of an Italian countryside excursion. Click here to see what we mean!


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