Artist Residency in Tufo

Frankly, this place works magic—particularly the little desk by the ping-pong table.  –Simone Zelitch, Novelist in Residence, 2018

Rosa di Tufo is a supporter of the arts, and offers special rates for artists to live and work out of Rosa for extended periods of time.

Our rates are $300 per week per artist, and $1,000 per month.

The house is a quiet, peaceful, pretty place to work, and low on distractions–there’s no internet, for one, and it’s pretty far from home. Tufo itself has a familial, peculiar character to it that our artists have so far found conducive to finding new and unsuspected perspectives.

It’s a big house with a couple rooms, so there’s a chance if you come you’ll be sharing the house with someone else, but that also means there’s opportunity to coordinate with other artists you know and maybe love, and to plan your residencies together.

To inquire, email Patrick at with your resume, a sample of your work, a proposed body of work for the residency, and an idea of when you’d want to come out. The application fee is $10 via Paypal ( or Venmo (@pjdmcneil). We recommend late spring, summer, or fall.

Click here for a Q&A with artist in residence and novelist Simone Zelitch. During her residency, she managed to complete a full first draft of her upcoming novel, The Hill. Here’s some of what she had to say about her time in Rosa:

I spent altogether a month and a half at Rosa di Tufo, the first month in solitude, the last weeks in the company of a wonderful group of writers. During that time, I was able to complete a full draft of a novel I’d been struggling with since 2011, certainly at least 80 thousand words. Frankly, this place works magic—particularly the little desk by the ping-pong table. When I couldn’t figure out how a plot-problem would get resolved, I’d look out from the balcony and ask the horse or donkey, walk up a road and get a little lost, or use the pigeon activity on the roof as a way to activate my imagination. I think what I wrote here is pretty good. I know the space is extraordinary.

And for more of a curated, vacation experience, here to see our annual Writers Retreat.


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