Writers Retreat in Tufo

Every June, Rosa di Tufo hosts the Writers Retreat in Tufo to writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Writers can expect to work through the mornings, workshop in the afternoons, sit down to family dinners in the evenings, and make guided trips to Pompeii, Capri, and more nearby highlights.

Applications are open for the 2019 retreat until March 1. Click here to see more.

During WRiT 2018, two writers finished first drafts of novels, another walked away with a working structure for her own long-form project, and the rest either advanced or finished shorter projects. To sort of supplement all of that, they hiked the Amalfi Coast, sang and danced with the Tufese at night, hosted a local family for dinner, braved the rains of Pompei, and defied death in Capri–forging friendships, eating pizzas, and finding lifelong readers along the way. If that all reads like the book jacket to a Boxcar Children’s book, well, that’s what it felt like.  The 2018 WRiT Writers really were an intrepid group–click here to meet them.

And here for the WRiT Writers of 2017!

And here to read a reflection on the inaugural 2017 retreat by Patrick McNeil, founder and organizer of WRiT.

Rosa di Tufo is an ally of the arts, and open to longer-term artist residencies. Click here or reach out to Patrick directly at rosaditufo@gmail.com and start a dialogue if you are looking for a quiet, remote place to focus on your project.


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