Writers Retreat in Tufo

Every June, Rosa di Tufo hosts a retreat for creative writers of all kinds. Writers can expect to co-work through the mornings (with prompts or without), workshop in the afternoons, sit down to family dinners in the evenings, and make day trips to places like the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, and Napoli on the weekends.

Like everything else, WRIT has been on hold since COVID. We’re shooting for 2022 to make our big comeback. Make sure you’re on the WRIT Tiny Letter newsletter so you don’t miss the call for submissions for the next go around.

Click here to meet the writers of 2019.

And here for 2018,

And 2017!

Rosa di Tufo also offers longer-term artist residencies. Click here or reach out to Patrick directly at rosaditufo@gmail.com and start a dialogue if you are looking for a quiet, remote place to focus independently on your project.

Oh! And if you’re a musician? Summer 2020 Rosa hosts its first-ever retreat specifically for musicians. Check out MRIT here!

writ montefusco

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