Itinerary no. 4: Zungoli, Trevico, Vallata

This fourth itinerary leaves Tufo at 9 in the morning and will have you back by 7 or so. in a 123 km loop–about 2 and a half hours’ worth of driving–you can visit the towns of Zungoli, Travico, and Vallata. Check out the map below for the route, and click the “more options” button to take a closer look in another window.


Zungoli is one the most characteristic towns of Irpinia.  You will be fascinated by its little alley ways, which have been sustained through the ages; the elderly inhabitants of the town; and the delicious smell of good cheese that’s being aged in the subterranean grottos give the town its own unique, enchanting atmosphere. In addition to the production of the cheese, Caciocavallo, the production of olive oil is also important.  Be sure to visit the Baronal Castle, which dominates the town. Wikipedia page here.

Downtown Trevico

Trevico’s beauty and elegance surrounds you as soon as you see it.  Trevico is an ancient town of the Barony (or Baronage) Seat of Nobles that commanded the area called “The Barony”.  It is the highest altitude town in Campania and the view and panorama it offers is truly stunning and astonishing.  Ancient churches and monuments can be seen all throughout the internal part of the town. Wikipedia page here.


Our last stop, Vallata, has clear Bizantine origins.  Evidence of a settlement called Vallata goes back to the Medieval times.  Documents have been found which refer to a certain “Ruggero (Roger) da Vallata” in 1111.  The remains of a stone wall are testimony to the ancient foundation of the settlement.  Several discoveries and findings of recent excavations, however, would testify to the presence of a settlement from prehistoric times. Vallata has many churches and Noble palaces within the city.  The principal activity is the cultivation of grain and its famous goat cheese. Wikipedia here.